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6 Daily Morning Habits For A Happier You

Happy morning

6 daily morning habits for a happier you!

A lot of people associate the morning alarm with feeling of panic, rushing around and worrying about traffic. How can we change the way we feel about our mornings and start making the most of them? It’s time to feel happy and excited to wake up early!

alarm1: Set your alarm slightly earlier

Do you usually set your alarm for the latest time possible before you have to get out of bed? Or maybe you set it earlier but keep hitting snooze? Then panic ensues when you realise you’ve overslept?
Try setting your alarm for 20- 30 minutes before you absolutely must get up. This will allow your body and mind to wake in a relaxed state. Waking up with time on your side will also allow you the time to follow these other tips.

2: Smile and be grateful

As soon as the alarm goes off and you open your eyes, let a huge smile take over your face.
The act of smiling activates neurotransmitters in your brain which have great benefits on your health and happiness. Learning to be grateful for the day ahead will also help you realise how much you have to be thankful for.
If you want to, why not make a journal, listing the things that you are grateful for. Keep it beside you bed and add to it each morning. Then on those inevitable days when you’re not feeling your best, you can re look at everything you have showed gratitude for before.

running3: Exercise

Exercising in the morning will really help to boost those energy levels for the rest of the day. It will also boost your bodies production of the endorphin hormones. These neurotransmitters will place your body in a state of euphoria. A fantastic start to the day!

4: Eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and not one to be missed. Your body needs the essential nutrients and energy you are going to gain from your breakfast so it can function at its best throughout the day. Your brain will also thank you. When your brain receives the nutrition it needs, your mood will stable, your memory improve and your concentration and creativity levels will soar.

5: Get outdoors

Dog owners will most probably be doing this anyway, but the rest of us should also reap the benefits of some fresh air first thing in the morning.
Getting outside, either by going for a walk, drinking your coffee in your garden, or practising yoga on the patio will really boost your creativity and improve your focus for the day ahead. Spending time outside with nature is a proven way to improve your well-being.

reading6: Read

Do you usually put on the TV in the morning whilst eating your breakfast and getting ready? Most people do. But are you really listening to the TV? Maybe you’re distracted by something else whilst it plays in the background.
Try for a week reading a chapter of your book in the morning rather than switching on the TV or laptop. Studies have shown that people who take the time to read are more satisfied with their lives as opposed to those that don’t read at all. Let yourself get lost in a literary world when you first wake, awaken your brain and then get ready to embark on your own day’s adventure!

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