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4 Tips to Increase Self Confidence

Increase self confidence

Tips and Techniques to Increase Self Confidence

Here are 4 Ways to Become More Confident that you can start right here, right now.

Because Confidence matters. People who are more confident are more likely to succeed in their chosen careers, to form healthy relationships and to be happy and content with themselves. That doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to a lackluster life if you’re not a confident person, because confidence isn’t something that you have or you don’t. Confidence can be cultivated, it can be improved upon. Whether you are an ultra confident person who wants to become even more confident… or you are someone who does’t think they have any confidence whatsoever. These quick tips will help get you on the path right now, to becoming a more confident person and start receiving all of the wonderful advantages that confidence will bring upon your life.

1. Do Things for Yourself.

If your self worth is defined by other people’s reactions and responses to you, you’ll never be able to be a confident person. Other people’s reactions to you have more to do with them than you. Someone may downplay an accomplishment because they’re jealous or not know how to give you the praise and accolades that you deserve. If you’re relying on them to make you feel good about yourself, you won’t get that payoff you’re looking for. When you set out to do something, do so for yourself, not for others. Learn to get satisfaction in the accomplishment itself not in the recognition that may or may not follow it.

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2. Celebrate the Small Things…

How many times have you done something well and then told yourself it wasn’t a big deal? If you want to become confident, you need to give yourself recognition for everything that you do whether it’s large or small. Inwardly celebrate everything you do well, from making a delicious meal to giving a killer presentation at the office. Aim to compliment yourself and congratulate yourself throughout the day; each time that you do, you’ll be fostering self confidence.

3. Celebrate OTHER People.

When you try to keep the spotlight on yourself or hold back praise and recognition for others, you’re actually getting in your way of being confident. Celebrating other people and acknowledging their achievements means you’re not comparing yourself to them. You’re recognising that someone else doing well doesn’t diminish your self worth. Plus, you’ll be able to foster healthier relationships with other people when you take the time to give them the recognition that they deserve. Try to find a way to sincerely compliment one person every day whether it’s a stranger, a family member, a friend or a coworker.

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Now being a Hypnotherapist this is perhaps my favourite.

4. Listen to hypnosis.

A lack of confidence often stems from things such as trauma from the past, losses, failures and other negative experiences. These bad experiences can leave behind scars on the subconscious even though you may feel as if you’ve healed and moved past them.  Hypnosis can start to heal these by helping to change your subconscious thoughts and automatic behaviours for the better. Literally conditioning you to make wonderful changes whilst you lie back and relax.  The hypnosis downloads available here can help improve confidence in many areas of your life
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