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3 Mindset Shifts for more Self-Confidence

increase self confidence

Techniques to Grow Your Confidence

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Increase self confidence
Increase self confidence


It seems that everyone is attracted to someone with self-confidence. But so many people struggle with gaining the confidence it takes to be their best.

Is it possible to learn these skills? What do self-confident people do differently?

I’m going to tell you about 3 important mindset changes, as found on, you can make to transform yourself into a more self-confident person.

Get in the Game

It’s easy to fall into the trap of standing on the sidelines and admiring self-confident people. It’s safe there. You find yourself spending time wishing you were more like them. You might wonder how they do what they do and where it all comes from.

By just observing and not taking action, it’s possible for your feelings of admiration to turn into resentment or jealousy. If you lack in self-confidence, it’s easy to feel inferior or bad about yourself.

Instead of comparing yourself to these people, or wishing you were more like them, try making small but steady steps to gain more self-confidence. Get in the game.

One of the fastest ways to boost your self-confidence is to try doing things you’ve never done before. Step out of your comfort zone. Try doing something you’ve always wanted to do. Know that by doing this, your self-confidence levels will rise.

admire confidence

There is no Perfect

Before you even begin down this road, know ahead of time that you are not perfect. You are going to make mistakes. Probably lots of them. You are going to fail at one time or another and that is OK.

Making mistakes at anything is just a practice run on the path to growth. If you never try anything new, how can you grow? If you don’t grow, how can you become more self-confident?

Some of the most successful people in history have tried new things and failed miserably. But, they kept trying until they succeeded and ultimately, gained a lot of self-confidence along the way.

Don’t worry about being embarrassed or failing because you need these experiences to grow in self-confidence. And no one has ever died from embarrassment.

You may feel afraid to fail, or even to succeed, but push through those feelings of fear and keep moving forward. It is normal to be afraid of anything new. However, as you gain more self-confidence, it becomes easier to move forward in spite of feeling afraid.

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Believe in Yourself

There is no one in the world quite like you. You are unique and have experiences that might seem like nothing special to you.

But it is important for you to believe in your heart and get through your head that other people want to get to know you. They want to hear your stories and experiences.

Because of what you’ve learned through the years, you need to understand that each of us has something unique to offer in this world. Don’t underestimate your value and how you can share it with others.

By really accepting this idea, it is easier to push through those feelings of insecurity and fear when they come up. And they will come up.

The difference between a self-confident person and someone who needs to work on this skill is the strong belief in yourself and your unique value.

Now, you certainly don’t want to go overboard and become arrogant or rude. But carrying yourself with an air of self-confidence will improve everything in your life.

A healthy dose of self-confidence can improve your relationships, open doors to bigger opportunities and most importantly, allow you to keep trying new things and growing.

Believe it.

self belief for confidence


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