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10 Tips to be Happier

tip to be happier

Increase your happiness with these tips and techniques

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The Real Pursuit of Happiness

When you ask people what they want out of life, you tend to get some very common answers. I want to win the lottery! I want to lose 20 pounds! I want to meet my soulmate!

However, at the end of the day, what do all of these things have in common? The bottom line is that we are all searching for happiness. We just want to be happy. We think that by having a lot of money, or fitting into those skinny jeans or meeting that dream person is the key to making us happy.

According to an article titled, “10 Ways to be Happier,” as published on, there are ways to really find happiness without scratch-off tickets or diet pills. Here are those simple tips:

Start with the basics

You don’t have to go into deep meditation sessions or become a yoga expert. Start by being good to yourself. Begin by eating regular meals and putting yourself on a regular sleep schedule. Science studies have proven that being hungry and tired affects our moods in a negative way.

Let go of anger before bedtime

As you lie in bed and reflect on the day, let go of your anger. Let it simply melt away. Not only will this make you feel happier right away, but it will help you get a restful, peaceful night’s sleep.

bedtime relax happiness

Pretend that you are already happy

If you’re feeling annoyed, irritated or just downright unhappy, pause for a moment and just pretend you are calm and even happy in that moment. You might just find the feelings of anger or frustration soften so you can move on to be better (happy) place.


Try new things

Learn to shake things up a bit in your life, even if you’re really bad at it. Just the experience of trying something completely new stimulates the brain, wakes us up and helps us grow. Even if you fail, at least you had a moment there of breaking out of a rut and experimenting with something new that you may one day take up as a hobby or learn to enjoy.

new happy hobby

Think first before “rewarding” yourself

You may feel that rewarding yourself for accomplishing something may make you feel good. But if you are trying to lose a few pounds, and you reward yourself by eating a candy bar, you may find yourself feeling guilty and beating yourself up. Think carefully about how you reward yourself for accomplishing a goal. Do you really want that candy after all? Reward yourself with things that make you feel good, not bad.



If a lack of money is causing you unhappiness, give yourself permission to splurge on yourself once in a while without any regrets or guilt. There’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself by spending money on something you’ve been wanting for a long time. An expensive lunch with a friend, those new shoes or that piece of sporting equipment can do wonders for your mood. As long as you don’t make a habit of spending instead of saving money, allowing yourself to buy something you’ve had your eye on can go a long way to feeling happy.


Good enough is better than perfection

Since perfection exists only in the mind, is it possible to let go of that idea and just accept the idea of good enough? Instead of researching, questioning and re-visiting any or every decision, sometimes just accepting circumstances that are good enough is the way to go. By realizing and accepting an item or situation for being good enough, you can move on to the next thing more quickly and easily.



By getting just a few minutes of exercise every day, you will find your mood can be lifted instantly. Just by getting outside and taking a short walk, you will find out that your energy is increased and it’s easier to get out of a foul mood.

exercise for happiness

No more nagging

No one likes to be told what to do, so if you find yourself nagging others to do what you want them to do, stop for a moment and realize how much this really doesn’t work anyway. Try leaving notes or maybe moving the garbage can closer to the back door. Try thanking people for the things they do, instead of always focusing on what they don’t do.


Action steps

Don’t just sit and feel sorry for yourself because life is unfair. What can you do to shake things up and make things happen? What would make you feel even a little better? What small action could you take that would make you happier? When you come up with an idea, follow through with it.


The most important thing is to keep trying to find ways to feel happier because, as it turns out, that’s all we really want.

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